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KJ Trading Systems-Strategy Factory Workshop

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Full Downloadable Content (Videos and Documents)

Are You Building and Trading Proven Algo Trading Strategies?
Strategy Factory Students Have Successfully Created and
Live Tested 489 Algo Strategies!

Do you get angry when you create a terrific looking strategy, only to lose money trading it live?
Do you lack confidence and worry your trading systems really do not have an “edge?”
Do you struggle to find new trading ideas?
If you said “yes” to any question above, my Strategy Factory® workshop is just what you need!!

Best Trading Course
This is the BEST trading course course money can buy, especially if you are looking for practical, hands on knowledge regarding algo trading.
But don’t just take my word for it, look at some of the awards and accolades this workshop has won:

TraderPlanet STAR Award – Trading Course Of The Year
TASC Magazine – Trading Course Of The Year Runner Up
TradingSchools.org – Two Five Star (Perfect) Ratings
Nearly Fifty – 5 Star Reviews From TrustPilot
Perfect 5 Star Ratings on Google Business

Strategy Factory® Trading Workshop
My breakthrough Strategy Factory workshop gets you on the road to developing SOLID trading strategies…fast! After getting instant access to over 20 hours of instructional videos, followed by a one-day 8 hour live online class and 4 months of one-on-one e-mail support, you’ll have the know-how to start up and operate your own “Strategy Factory” – a repeatable process to successfully develop multiple algorithmic trading strategies and automated trading strategies.
This is not your typical trading course: This is a complete workshop on proper algorithmic strategy development, taught by award winning full time trader and best selling author Kevin Davey (that’s me!).

What You’ll Get:
01. Live Workshop Recordings
7 hours, 4 sessions where Kevin Breaks down the Strategy Factory Workshop
Strategy Factory Session 1
Strategy Factory Session 1 Cheat Sheet
Strategy Factory Session 2
Strategy Factory Session 2 Cheat Sheet
Strategy Factory Session 3
Strategy Factory Session 3 Cheat Sheet
Strategy Factory Session 4
Strategy Factory Session 4 Cheat Sheet
Strategies & Spreadsheet Materials

02. Easy Language Programming Instruction
Due to popular demand, I have recently added a module that teaches you Easy Language – specifically for the Strategy Factory workshop! To get you programming strategies more quickly, I have packed this module with the following information:
25 videos (over 3 hours) of Easy Language instruction, starting with installing Tradestation and ending with a completed sample strategy
Introduction and Roadmap
Getting the Correct Tradestation Version
Insert a Chart
Build a Strategy
Add Stop Loss to Strategy
Add Profit Target to Strategy
Profit-Loss Keywords to Avoid
Adding an IF Statement
Using the Easy Language Help File
Let’s Add Momentum and Moving Averages
Incorporating RSI into a Strategy
Using Dates and Market Position
Using BarSinceEntry
Understanding Variables
Understanding Inputs
Basics of Optimizing
Understanding Out of Sample
Strategy Performance Report
Advanced Concept – Using Data2
Advanced Concept – Using a Custom Session
Using Built in Strategies
Using Kevin’s Strategies
Getting Even More Help
What’s Next?
2 Minute Tip Series

03. Learn By Watching me Build a Strategy
3-hours, 2 sessions of Kevin Building a Strategy from Scratch
Watch Me build a Strategy – Part 1
Watch Me build a Strategy – Part 2
Create Your First Strategy 1
Create Your First Strategy 2
Create Your First Strategy 3
Create Your First Strategy 4
Watch me Build Strategy Materials (ELD, Spreadsheets, Codes)

04. Strategy Factory Step 1 – Goals and Objectives
Building Blocks – What are your Goals and Objectives?

05. Strategy Factory Step 2 – Trading Ideas
Can Automated Strategy Building Software Give You Trading Ideas
How to Use Data Mining to Unearth Trading Ideas
Data Mining – Reference Material
Nine Different Entries I Use Part 1 – My 5 Favorite Entries
Nine Different Entries I Use Part 2 – 4 Automated Entries
Entry and Exit Confessions – 52 Entry and Exit Ideas
Nine Terrific Entries, 7 Sensible Exits
Optimal Exits
My Bookshelf

06. Strategy Factory Step 3 – What is Preliminary Testing?
Preliminary Testing Primer

07. Strategy Factory Step 4 – Walkforward Testing
Comparison of 2 Different Walkforward Approaches
Example of Walkforward Demo – StratOpt WFP Software
Example of Walkforward Demo – MultiOpt Software
Re-Optimizations – How Do You Do It?
Fitness Functions – Which One is Best

08. Strategy Factory Step 5 – Monte Carlo Testing
Basics of Monte Carlo Testing Part 1 – Single Strategy
Basics of Monte Carlo Testing Part 2 – Two Strategies

09. Strategy Factory Step 6 – Incubation
Basics of Incubation (1 hour class)
Basics of Incubation Cheat Sheet

10. Strategy Factory Step 7 – Diversification and Position Sizing
Position Sizing and Diversification
Checking for Correlation
Class Correlation Checker Spreadsheet

11. Strategy Factory Step 8 – Live Trading
Account Sizing
Account Sizing – Reference
More on Rollovers
Stop Order and Gaps – Watch Out
How to Trade Minis and Micros Based on Big Contracts
When to Quit a Trading Strategy
Going Live with Automation
Trading Multiple Strategies with the Same Instrument
BONUS – When to Quit when Your Strategy is Failing

12. Sample Strategies
Strategy Factory Spreadsheets
Strategy #1 – ES
Strategy #2 – ES
Strategy #3 – Sys
Strategy #4 – JY
Strategy #5 – CL
Strategy #6 – S
Strategy #7 – NG

13. Strategy Factory Club

14. Strategy Factory – Best Practices and Tips
Best Practices Document
2 Minute Tip Series (12 Videos)

15. Improving Your Performance
2.5 Hours of Workshop on Improving Your Algo Trading Performance
Improving Your Performance – Part 1
Improving Your Performance – Part 1 Cheat Sheet
Improving Your Performance – Part 2 – ENTRY RATIO
Improving Your Performance – Part 2 – Entry Ratio Cheat Sheet
Improving Your Performance – Part 2 – RatioWorkshop Zip Materials
Improving Your Performance – Part 3 – Improve Your Success Rate

16. Inspiration From Other Strategy Factory Traders
5 Student Trader Interviews